Obsolete System
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Obsolete System

I am paying all my bills and credit cards since 2011 and still up and down my credit score without myself keeping the same way since 2011. I just wondering who are those stupid people that made this obsolete rules? If I am the manager for those people, I will fired all of them cause lack of vision of the way the world is moving. 

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Obsolete System

Have you been turned down for a loan?  If not, your credit score doesn't matter.  There is going to be some fine tuning of the formula as well as some changes in your data, like changes to your line of credit size and how much of a balance you have from month to month.

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Obsolete System

Credit score is a crude method for estimating your ability to repay a future loan.  As long as you aren't applying for a loan, it doesn't matter what your score is.  If you pay your bills on time and don't have negative marks on your credit report, then small changes caused by changes in your monthly credit card  usage, for example, really aren't significant.  

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