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Late payments from years ago

I have already disputed this so I’m getting a message saying I can’t dispute again.  I had “employed” a company consolidator to pay my bills for me- But they weren’t Even making the minimum payments so 10 Payments are still showing as ‘delinquent’ payments from as far back as 2017. 
how can I get this removed?  It’s hurting my credit score horribly.   

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Late payments from years ago

I am unclear on your question. If the lender was never paid, then you are still delinquent with the lender, even if the reason they were not paid is that you were taken for a ride by someone else.  If you had late payments and were eventually paid in full, your credit report should show both the fact that you had late payments and the fact that you are now paid up. The late payments don’t go away just because you are now paid in full.


It sounds like you need to discuss the situation with the lenders, rather than the credit bureau.

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