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Double charged for state taxes on same date

After completing the federal tax and starting the tax form for a different state it appears I was charged twice for the state.  First prompted for $47.80 then on completion for $26.55.  I would like a credit issued for the first charge of $47.80.  Thank you.

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Double charged for state taxes on same date

Assuming that you are using the TurboTax desktop editions -

If you purchased the software from TurboTax or a retailer and are using the Deluxe desktop CD/Download edition or higher, you received one free state program download included in the purchase price.  Unless you purchased from a retailer and selected the Deluxe edition without the state program included.


Any additional state program when using the desktop editions is $44.99 (plus state sales tax, if applicable).  There is an e-file charge for the state income tax return that is currently $24.99 (plus state sales tax, if applicable).  This state tax return e-file charge can be avoided by printing and mailing the state tax return.


Go to the TurboTax website for the software fees -