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Where’s My Tax Refund? How to Check Your Refund Status

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The average direct deposit tax refund was close to $3,000 last tax season, and with tax season well underway, it’s no surprise that the most common tax season-related question we’re now hearing is: “Where’s my refund?”

We know that you work hard for your money and that your tax refund may be the biggest check you get all year, so we’re here to let you know what happened after you hit the e-file button and how to check the status of your tax refund.

The IRS issues all tax refunds — TurboTax does not issue the actual refund. If you have an IRS acknowledgment, then they are processing your tax return. Here is a breakdown of IRS processing times, how your tax return will progress through the three stages with the IRS; (“Return Received,” “Return Approved,” and “Refund Sent” once you e-file), and where you can go to check your refund status.

Refund Processing Time

  • E-filed tax returns with direct deposit: E-file with direct deposit is the fastest way to get your federal tax refund. The IRS states that nine out of 10 e-filed tax returns with direct deposit will be processed within 21 days of IRS e-file acceptance.
  • Mailed paper returns: If you filed a paper return, please allow 4 weeks before checking the status. Refund processing time is 6 to 8 weeks from the date the IRS receives your tax return.

Refund Process

  • Start checking status 24 – 48 hours after e-file: Once you have e-filed your tax return, you can check your status using the IRS Where’s My Refund? tool. You will not be able to start checking the status of your tax refund for 4 weeks if you mail a paper tax return. Please note you will need the following information when checking on your refund status: Social security number or ITIN, your filing status and your exact refund amount.
  • Return Received Notice within 24 – 48 hours after e-file: The IRS Where’s My Refund? tool will show “Return Received” status once they begin processing your tax return. You will need the following information when checking refund status: Social security number or ITIN, your filing status and your exact federal tax refund amount shown on the tax return. You will not see a tax refund date until the IRS finishes processing your tax return and approves your tax refund.
  • Status change from “Return Received” to “Refund Approved”: Once the IRS finishes processing your tax return and confirms your tax refund is approved, your status will change from “Return Received” to “Refund Approved.” While the change in status can take a few days and a tax refund date will not be provided in Where’s My Refund? until your tax return is processed and your tax refund is approved.
  • Where’s My Refund? tool shows refund date: The IRS will provide a personalized refund date once your status moves to “Refund Approved.” The IRS issues nine out of 10 refunds within 21 days of acceptance if you e-file with direct deposit.
  • Where’s My Refund? shows “Refund Sent”: If the status in Where’s My Refund? shows “Refund Sent,” the IRS has sent your tax refund to your financial institution for direct deposit. It can take 1 to 5 days for your financial institution to deposit funds into your account. If you opted to receive your tax refund via mail, it could take several weeks for your check to arrive.

Here are more answers to some common tax refund questions:

Will I see a date right away when I check the status in “Where’s My Refund”? 

Where’s My Refund tool will not give you a date until your tax return is received, processed and your tax refund is approved by the IRS.

It’s been longer than 21 days since the IRS has received my tax return and I have not received my tax refund. What’s happening?

Some tax returns take longer than others to process depending on your tax situation. Some of the reasons it may take longer include incomplete information, an error, or the IRS may need to review it further.

I requested my money be automatically deposited into my bank account, but I was mailed a check. What happened?

The IRS is limiting the number of direct deposits that go into a single bank account or prepaid debit card to three tax refunds per year. Your limit may have been exceeded.

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Level 2

What about if I filed in early January and somehow your system completely messed up my stuff? I have been checking my bank account DAILY. I am wondering why my friends are getting their returns and mine is not here yet! I go into my turbo tax account and then it says it was never filed. I AM LIVID. I have been using this software for years and for some reason there was a serious glitch on the mobile app. I am now COMPLETELY screwed because I was relying on my refund being here ANY MINUTE because I leave this weekend on a trip and was hoping to actually have some fun not be completely broke. What a bunch of crap this company is. I am so disgusted. So not only did it not go through, no one sent me a message saying it did not go through so it just sat there. When I login it doesn't even make sense saying the last step wasn't done? Why would I leave it to the very last step??? 

Returning Member

I made my federal return papers in late January, and was supposed to receive my full refund February 19.  It's been two days, but I still haven't received that refund into my bank account.  WHY?

New Member

I made my federal return papers in late January, and was supposed to receive my full refund February 19.  It's been two days, but I still haven't received that refund into my bank account.  WHY?

New Member

I supposed to have received my refund today on 02/21 and it haven't posted on my account yet... What the issues...

New Member

Same! I checked again and now it says the 24th ...

New Member

I filed both my federal and state on the same day, both were accepted a day apart from each other in late January. I’ve received my federal but still have not received my state. Indiana department of revenue sent me a letter asking me to submit my 2019 w2’s in which I did towards the middle of February. So why is it I have yet to receive my state return or get any answers on to what is going on?

New Member


Don't want it. It was an order errorCancel this and refund me.

I don't need and don't want the extra help.  Please cancel this now.

And email me to confirm this cancellation.

Thanks. Tim


New Member

I have been using turbo tax for 6yrs every year I get it Feb 20th. And Its now Feb 22nd and I still haven't got my refund, wtf!!??

New Member

22 days and still being processed. Go figure Im 1 out 10 to get screwed. Just my luck.

New Member

I filed mine on Jan 15 .. I got a email saying it was accepted on Jan 27 .. I’m having mine direct deposited and I haven’t received mine yet.. I have went to and it seems they can’t find where I filed.. I’m plum pissed off 

New Member

I did my taxes in early January and was accepted by IRS on January 21st. Then when I checked my refund status it states the IRS approved my return on January 29th with a Feb 11 estimated deposit. Well for the past 2 weeks when I check my return status it states it is stll being processed. My son and daughter did their taxes after mine and they are getting theirs on Wed. February 26th. What is holding mine up?


Thank you all for joining this discussion!
As a reminder, once the tax return leaves TurboTax it is in the hands of the IRS. 

I'd like to point you to this IRS Blog* for some answers regarding your refund.  Thank you for holding tight!

*This is an excerpt from the blog post.  It's one that I believe will resonate with most people (including myself):

"Taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit can use the "Where's My Refund?" tool to track refunds too. By law, the IRS cannot release refunds that include EITC or the ACTC before February 15. "Where's My Refund?" on and the IRS2Go app will be updated with projected deposit dates for most early EITC/ACTC refund filers by February 22. IRS expects most EITC/ACTC related refunds to be available in taxpayer bank accounts or on debit cards by the first week of March if they chose direct deposit and there are no other issues with their tax return.

New Member

I filed my tax return on 01/31/2020 and i havent received a refund either. Not only have i not received a refund, but when i go to the IRS website and use the Where's my refund link and put my 8nformation in, it say the cannot find my return. I put everything in correctly provided by TT. They say the the amount I put in doesnt match how is that. Even when i look on turbo tax to see the amount i type it in IRS and it cannot find it. Thinking next time ill skip this app if you guys cant tell me why this is happening

Returning Member

On 01/27/2020 return was filed...Status is still Accepted  with no further information available~~What to do tocheck????


Level 1

omg I have had it ,you guys have 1hour to find my refund!!

New Member

I filed on Jan 27 and haven't received any word if the IRS has even received it yet any answers



New Member
I have filed mine on January 25, 2020 and still haven’t received mine. And how can we double check it’s going to the right routing and account number?
Level 1



New Member

I have never received a reply that says my taxes were received by Federal or state 

New Member

Return is still missing. went to the IRS site as recommended and was told "Your refund was sent to your bank on February 20, 2020 for direct deposit.

If your refund is not credited to your account by February 25, 2020, check with your bank to find out if it has been received."

well...  Still dont have it.  the bank in question is YOUR card system.

Website for the turbo card (acivated it last year, have not received a new one for this one) says -$2.95 with no deposits (fess extracted after stopped using card ). received a netspend card in mail, activated it (as a previous return was sent that way) ... it shows $0 , with no deposits.
All attempts led to automated responses that sends me to the IRS site which as I stated, says they don't have it.


The number offered by automated system leads to another automated system that just parrots th IRS site. 

As it stands, it looks like a case of FRAUD.  you guys probably don't mind a case over only $872, but.... I have plenty of evidence including the websites, chat log (with your machine) and audio from call (another machine)

Getting kinda irritated at being bounced around by machines.

Level 1

My e-file return shows I did not file when I did. How do I trace what happed to it?.





New Member

Can you help Me I filed and you told I had a error on my state and federal.   SEIC I would to go in and double the information I submitted can you HELP ME

Level 1

I did an e-file. However, Turbotax does not have a record of it. Where is it. I am concerned about a security issue.


New Member

My Dad passed away and I did his taxes this year however not his final tax return because he didn't pass until 2020 which he already had money taken out of his income for federal. He no longer has a bank account and I put my bank account information on for direct deposit. Website says still in process however estimated refund date of February 23 and today is the 26th and still no refund has been deposited. Is there somewhere I can call to see if there is a problem with the return or bank account because it's mine not his? Any help you can give would be appreciated thank you.

Returning Member

The biggest problem  is there is NO information or Phone contact unless it's automated.

Tax return was filed 01-27-2020  Still says  expected date of refund 2/19/2020  and accepted.

Howe the heck does one find out if there was an error or what the hold up is.?????????

Level 1

 Hello my name is frantre I have also filed and there has been no more info I seen the path message after it went back to processing and no movement I called it’s they told me to not worry it’s nothing I have to do I’m feeling hopeless at this point this turbo tax was a bad idea I always got my federal check

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