Level 2

What about if I filed in early January and somehow your system completely messed up my stuff? I have been checking my bank account DAILY. I am wondering why my friends are getting their returns and mine is not here yet! I go into my turbo tax account and then it says it was never filed. I AM LIVID. I have been using this software for years and for some reason there was a serious glitch on the mobile app. I am now COMPLETELY screwed because I was relying on my refund being here ANY MINUTE because I leave this weekend on a trip and was hoping to actually have some fun not be completely broke. What a bunch of crap this company is. I am so disgusted. So not only did it not go through, no one sent me a message saying it did not go through so it just sat there. When I login it doesn't even make sense saying the last step wasn't done? Why would I leave it to the very last step???