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Where is my stimulus check? I did not file the 2018 tax return and my 2019 tax return is still being processed.

When I logged in my Turbotax account, it said

"Looking for your stimulus payment?
It looks like you've already e-filed your 2019 tax return. The IRS has the info they need to qualify you for a stimulus payment. Note that you can't update your payment info here—the IRS will either send payment to your bank account or mail you a check." What does it mean?
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Where is my stimulus check? I did not file the 2018 tax return and my 2019 tax return is still being processed.

This means that TurboTax has sent your return to the IRS. The IRS uses 2019 returns (or 2018, if you haven't filed 2019) to process the stimulus payments. 


You cannot update your payment info on TurboTax after your return has been e-filed. The return is now in the hands of the IRS.


The IRS rolled out the "Get My Payment" tool here. According to, you can use the "Get My Payment" application to:

  • Check your payment status
  • Confirm your payment type: direct deposit or check
  • Enter your bank account information for direct deposit if the IRS doesn't  have your direct deposit information and if they haven't sent your payment yet.
  • Receive paper check payments: If you moved since you last filed, let us know your new mailing address.
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Level 3

Where is my stimulus check? I did not file the 2018 tax return and my 2019 tax return is still being processed.

If TT checked and rechecked and checked again to be 100% certain I was NOT missing any forms and I was "good to go" or  I would not have or continue to waste my time. Not to mention my frustration level, bills to be paid, a single mom w/ 2 college students, etc....My return E-filed 2/17 and accepted by IRS on 2/17 had a projected refund date of 3/9. On 3/13 a letter from the IRS requesting an 8962 & 1098-A was received. I submitted the forms via an Office Depot fax so I could get immediate confirmation that the fax went through without error. It was done on 3/23 AND 3/24. It is now May 4th and I have had no follow up correspondence from the IRS, there is no number or person to speak with. My point is that if TT honestly checked my return, the $240 in additional TT products/services I purchased to avoid a situation like this and to have peace of mind [which I 100% do NOT] would have done just that. Also, understanding the $240 would be auto deducted from my federal refund was a perfect arrangement for my personal needs.  Then, TT had the audacity to make me aware they planned on deducting the $240 from my account BEFORE my return was received. I emailed the President/Office of Executives about 2 weeks ago and was shocked when I got a call back from TT/Intuit Presidents' office (or so she said that is where the call was coming from). The representative assured me that a block was put on my account and the money would 100%, unequivocally, without any doubt NOT be deducted until my return has been received. TT should have offered to remove the charges completely. But GISELE D, I'd like to point our that Turbo Tax cannot offer updates on returns or stimulus checks. Not to mention the upgraded services and products I opted to purchase are not really how described. The THIRD PARTY vendor who interacts after you receive a letter from the IRS has up to 10 business days to make initial contact with the customer (you). The entire process could take several weeks, which is of no use when working with an IRS deadline.  The 3 CPAs I spoke could not guarantee me anything nor could they determine why a red flag was not raised during my tax return preparation nor could CPA #1 determine WHY the IRS was requesting the subsequent forms, to begin with. I FIGURED IT OUT WHILE WE WERE STILL ON THE PHONE. Also Gisele, why is TT still charging me for services/products that were obviously not effective? The only red flag that has been raised is the one raised by me on the integrity and moral values of Intuit/TurboTax.

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