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New Member

Refund approved?

According to TT, my federal refund was accepted on 1/25/19. When I go to the to track my refund, the only bar highlighted is "Return Received" leaving "Refund Approved" and "Refund Sent" empty. I never received any error messages or anything, my estimated refund date is 2/15 still in TT. Am I missing something? 

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Level 5

Refund approved?

Once you have been accepted you have to wait for IRS to approve your refund once they view your return they will give you a DDD and send refund at that time . If you filed child tax credits it will be mid February those returns.  Also returns are pulled randomly to be approved. 

Level 2

Refund approved?

Mine were accepted 1/29 and still haven't been approved yet. I also filed my minor daughter's return and she has no tax credits as she is a dependent of mine and hers hasn't been approved yet either. I'm really starting to worry because the government could shut down again on 2/15. It always took 2-3 days to go from accepted to approved before. This is just getting ridiculous. People depend on that money and it's so up in the air this year.

Level 3

Refund approved?

The Turbo tax estimated date means nothing, mine was for 2/4...


I had the one bar accepted from 1/18 until 2/7 but only under my SS. Under my husbands it was the Tax Code 152 error message. One 2/7 mine changed to the error message also and on 2/9 finally we both had the 2nd bar of approved with a DDD of 2/13


WMR says I should have my refund by today but does not show it as sent yet. I just checked and it was deposited this morning. That leads me to believe the WMR sight has been having a glitch/delay all along as I suspected even though the IRS tried to tell me different.


Filed 1/12

Accepted 1/14

Approved 2/9

Refund Received 2/13

Married filed joint with CTC... NO EIC or ACTC

New Member

Refund approved?

I'm glad I found your post. I've been paranoid that my fed refund was offser, although I received my state refund, because there's no update and my taxes were accepted on the 3rd of February. But maybe this isnt the case? I REALLY hope not because our home was just sold in a sheriff's sale and we were supposed to be out of here on the 10th. However, there's no way we can even think about moving without that refund!

Thanks for your post! Hopefully just a glitch. Like I said, I've already received my state and I've NEVER received my state before my federal so I found that odd!
New Member

Refund approved?

Fed accepted 1/29, PATH message 2/5 with tax topic 152, no changes but was able to order refund transcripts. Anyone expecting their refund on 2/15??
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