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Federal Returns not returned

Haven't received my federal returns yet and they said they were accepted. I have tried calling the IRS and they keep sending me to the same automated message that says I should have gotten my returns. I don't what to do or how to get my returns. Any ideas..?

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Level 17

Federal Returns not returned

The "return" is what you send to IRS, you mean you haven't received your "refund" yet?  Did you e-file the return?


First, double check to be sure the tax return was received and accepted by the tax agency:
If the tax return has been accepted, verify the federal refund status here:
If this site shows that the refund was approved and issued already did you choose to have any TurboTax fees deducted from your federal refund?   If so, then the refund goes to a 3rd party bank first to have the fees taken out, then the remaining refund is sent to you.    If you had the TT fees deducted and the IRS says the refund was approved and sent, try this site to see why it didn't make it to you yet.