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I am trying to file another tax return that i received recently

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I am trying to file another tax return that i received recently

If you are referring to a Form W-2 that reports your wages, you will not file another return to report that if you have already file a tax return for 2016.  

If you have not already filed your return: To add your W-2 to your return, you will do the following:

  • Log into your TurboTax Online account, or open your return in TurboTax Desktop.
  •  Click to Continue your return or choose Take me to my return
  • Click on Federal Taxes (choose the option labeled: I'll choose what I will work on, if offered)
  • Click on Wages & Salaries, 
  • Click to Show more, then choose Revisit/Edit.
  • Choose the option to add a W-2, and enter the information.


If you have already filed your returnyou'll need to wait for your tax return to either be rejected or accepted, if it is rejected you can add your Form W-2, correct any other errors on the return and resubmit it. If it is accepted, you will need to amend your return to include the Form W-2. 

Please be aware that Form 1040X will not be available to prepare in TurboTax until mid-February, but once it is available, you will be able to prepare and print your amended return so that you can mail it to the IRS. You cannot e-file an amended return as this cannot be filed electronically.  The form is only filed on paper, so it will need to be printed and filed by mail. 

 Please see the following TurboTax FAQ for instructions on how to amend your 2016 tax return in TurboTax.



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