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How do I view my return?

This feature is pending. Thanks for your patience.
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How do I view my return?

Are you still in the preparation phase, or have you already filed?

How do I view my return?

i'm in the preparation phase. i have a turbotax account already that I use for my real taxes. I filled this out for a school project, and it wants me to pay again

How do I view my return?

In the preparation phase you can't view/print the actual return without paying in advance.  We can tell you how, if you wish.

But you can view a preview of your return for free.  Here's how.

  • With the return open, click in the left menu column on TAX TOOLS, then TOOLS.
  • In the Tools window choose View Tax Summary.
  • At the Tax Summary go back to the left menu column and click Preview Form 1040.
  • That opens up the Form 1040 Worksheet and Schedules 1-6.

How do I view my return?

Thank you. Unfortunately, my professor wants the actual forms. I will have 2 more projects similar to this this school year. If I continue using the online version, will I have to pay every time I want to view these new returns? Would I only have to pay once if I downloaded the turbotax deluxe software?

How do I view my return?

Once an online account is paid, you can view/print at will until October 31, 2020.

However, you are currently in an expensive product edition. You are using Live Deluxe, which is an upgrade from regular Deluxe.   Live Deluxe has live help from a CPA/EA tax pro during preparation and a final review of your return.

At least that is the product displayed next to your screen name "lance69420" above.

FAQ:  What is TurboTax Live?
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/3859448-what-is-turbotax-live">https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/3...>

Live Deluxe is 119.99 for a Federal return and 44.99 for a State return if applicable.

IMO, the desktop product is better.  You can purchase desktop Deluxe from TurboTax for 79.99 and it includes a state program.    It can prepare multiple Federal returns, and has the popular Forms Mode for direct viewing/printing/direct editing of forms during preparation.

Also the desktop Deluxe has no form limitations.  Online Deluxe cannot prepare Schedules D, E, F, or Schedule C with expenses, and cannot enter a K-1.    Desktop Deluxe can prepare all the usual Federal forms.

You could download the *.tax2018 data file you've already started online and open it in the installed 2018 software so you won't have to start over.  We can tell you how.

 You'll need to decide if you want to use Online TurboTax or the desktop version.

How do I view my return?

You can also find the download version at a discount at some large reputable authorized online retailers like Amazon, Staples, Office Depot.   Just do NOT do an Internet search for a deal "too good to be true."  There are a lot of scam sites with pirated software, possible malware, ID theft, etc.

Also, in the Online products you can only prepare ONE Federal return per account per year.  If you try to prepare a second one in the same account, it will overwrite the first one.

How do I view my return?

my friend said he used home and business software for the class, so i downloaded that one from amazon. how do i go about transferring the online info to the software? also thank you so much for your help

How do I view my return?

You're welcome.    Try this:

Open your return, and then in the left menu column, click on TAX TOOLS, then TOOLS.
At the Tools window, click on   "Save your 2018 return to your computer."

That will download the *.tax2018 data file.  Then you use the software program to open the tax data file.

NOTE:  If your *.tax2018 data file has a state return in it, you should download the state program into your installed software before opening the data file, or you might get an error message.  

Are you installing your Home and Business software on a Mac?
If so, here are the instructions:
<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="https://ttlc.intuit.com/questions/1901272-how-do-i-install-the-turbotax-software-for-mac">https://tt...>
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