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Download 2018 Form 1099 data in October 2019

I have tried to download 2018 Form 1099 from Etrade and TD Ameritrade into Turbo Tax on October 28 2019 to finish my late return for 2018.  Turbo Tax showed error messages saying that service is no longer available and to input the information manually.  I called Etrade and TD AMeritrade and they indicated they have not turned off the service at their end.  So, one of the few good functions of Turbo Tax is turned off and unavailable for the prior tax year????  There is no mention of this shut off in any of their ""help"" or ""support"" functions. 


Has anyone else experienced this withdrawal of service by Turbo Tax?????

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Download 2018 Form 1099 data in October 2019

All TurboTax does is connect you to the import server for the various financial institutions where you get a login screen for that financial institution.  Any message after than comes from the financial institution.


For example, I just tried schwab and it worked fine but schwab is getting ready for 2019 season and no longer has 2018 data and says to come back in 2020.


I do get the login screen for both etrade and ameritrade.  Seems to be working fine on TurboTax's end.

Level 20

Download 2018 Form 1099 data in October 2019