Can I still submit 2015 taxes?
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Can I still submit 2015 taxes?

Can I still submit 2015 taxes?
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Can I still submit 2015 taxes?

Yes, but not with Online TurboTax.  

Online TurboTax is currently for filing 2016 returns.    A 2015 return can only be prepared in 2015 desktop software (CD/download).   The 2015 return cannot be efiled; it has to be printed, signed, and mailed.

Had you started a 2015 return prior to the online shutdown in October?   If so you can download your *.tax2015 data file from your 2015 Tax Timeline and continue it in the desktop software.

Desktop software can be purchased from TurboTax at the site below.  Or you may be able to find it at a discount at a reputable authorized retailer like Amazon. 

If you had already paid for your 2015 online return prior to the shutdown, then TurboTax Support should furnish you the download.

FAQ:  How do I contact TurboTax?
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