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Can I file amended return with CP2000?

I receive a cp2000 for $1480 taxes owed in 2014 when I was an IT consultant. I didn’t report that because I didn’t receive the 1099misc form. Now can I still file amended return with this cp2000 to include some business expenses like computer, home office, and millages? I rent an apartment at that time, can I report the monthly rental as expense? I have the receipt for my computer that I purchased in May 2013. I can get the payment I made for the apartment from my bank. I don’t have receipts for millages.
If I file an amend, will it cause another audit? I didn’t have any 1099misc income in 2015. Thank you so much.

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Can I file amended return with CP2000?

Yes, your response to a CP2000 letter can include an amended return to correct the mistake and claim any missing income and associated deductions.

For additional assistance on how to respond to the IRS letter please see our Audit Support Site.