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Returning Member

Audit help PLEASE?

Can you request an audit to be done in person?

So in 2017 I was audited for claiming my nephews whose grandma lived with me . The problem was I adopted so I couldn’t prove the blood connection . While I was going through the audit I did my 2018 taxes and claimed them again because the irs rep I spoke to said it was fine . I got that refund cool . Then they made a decision after I got that refund , that I shouldn’t have claimed 2017 and they audited 2018. They didn’t accept the letter from social services where I live stating I lived at the same address and cared for my nephews . Now I just got the letter saying I was being audited for 2018 . But they sent no notices and already closed it with a date of 3/29/21 so I have to appeal . (Haven’t got the letter yet look at my transcripts) . Also from my transcripts they sent no notices of an audit although back in 2019 September is say audit examination, they didn’t change the transcripts until TODAY. Which showed they took away my credits , and never sent me notices they officially audited. My question is should I do it by mail or request and audit in person in my state? Because now I’m in the process of getting my original birth certificate which will prove I’m related to my nephews . I have a letter from their doctor stating I provided care to the. I feel like if I go in person in my own state they’ll accept the social services letter because it’s an official government agency . Or is it dumb to request an audit to be done in person at the office?

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Audit help PLEASE?

You do realize that you are posting on a public forum, right?

Returning Member

Audit help PLEASE?

I need help , nothing I did was illegal they lived with me and their grandmother is disabled and I took care of them . 

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