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Which forms to mail?

I have to mail New York State IT-201 income taxes

Printed came to 19 pages including some worksheets and federal stuff

What do I really need to mail.??

List federal and state, please

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TurboTax Specialist

Which forms to mail?

Generally when you save your tax file, the default option is to just print the required forms to mail. If your printed file contained worksheets, they could be required or you may have printed all documents. To print only the required tax returns, go back into your file and save a different way.


  • Log into your account, scroll down a bit and select, 'add a state'. You aren't really adding a state, just opening up the return.
  • Select Tax Tools, Print Center on the left.
  • Select print, save or preview this year's return.
  • Select the 2017 federal return and 2017 state return, then select 'Just my tax returns'

Filing instructions will print as page 1 before each tax return documents. The instructions will list any additional forms needed, but in general the all the printed forms should be mailed.