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tipped employees glitch in TurboTax

This is driving me nuts. TurboTax keeps telling me one of my employers withheld too much Social Security. But it is only looking at box 3 to determine that. One of my jobs is as a server. So I have $5000 in tip income in box 7. That needs to be included in the calculation of the correct amount of social security to withhold and if Turbo Tax would do that, then it would show that my employer withheld the correct amount of social security. TurboTax must have other customers who are tipped employees? How can they not have fixed this glitch? What should I do about it to get my return filed. When I asked TurboTax on facebook, they said I needed to pay $74.99 to talk to Expert Services. Why should I have to pay $74.99 to fix a glitch in THEIR program?? Help!

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Catalyst V

tipped employees glitch in TurboTax's a known, (possibly recent) bug.....there's a sign-up here:


I would expect they will have it fixed in the next week or so (maybe they did last night) so just sit tight and they'll notify you when it's fixed.


as a side not, this is a test area, and not many actual support people use the "Community".  You'll get faster responses in the "Support" area.

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