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Car2Go and Profession Development



I am self employed and sometimes had to use car2go rental car to get to and from client meetings/work. Where would this go in the forms?


I also had to do some professional development certificates for my business last year and cannot figure out where to enter these. Where would I enter this?

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Car2Go and Profession Development

Basically what you have is business travel expenses. You won't report this in the Business Vehicle Expenses section, since you don't own or lease a vehicle. It gets reported as a business travel expense. For that, under the Business Expenses heading select Other Common Business Expenses. In there you see a category for Business Travel, and that's where you car2go and other transportation costs such as bus fares, cab fares and the like would be entered.


For your professional development costs, if these cost were not a condition of employment or continued employment, or in your case if they were not a requirement for you to maintain your business licensing requirements, then they are not deductible as a business expense. Now if they were to "improve" job skills in your existing business, then yes, they are deductible. Otherwise, you claim them in the either the Taxes and Licenses section, or the Legal and Professional Fees section. Click the "More examples" link next to each of those sections to help you figure out which is the more appropriate section to claim it in.

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