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Cannot complete efile process

Hello all,

I cannot seem to complete the efile process. When I try to transmit my returns (Fed and GA) I'm taken to a screen that says another check of my returns is needed and they need some additional information.  I hit "continue" and the next screen tells me the city (mine's Atlanta) and my street address should not be entered on the Georgia Information Worksheet for efiling.  So, I delete the info and continue.  Then when trying to efile again, am returned to the same screen telling me I need to put the information back.  I'm in this endless loop I cannot seem to get out of.  And it's especially frustrating because this document is merely a worksheet that I do not believe gets filed anyway.  I've already paid to efile and prefer to do so.  Anyone else have this problem?  I've gone through the entire process again and have entered everything I've been asked to.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Cannot complete efile process

Hi There,


You can use TurboTax to prepare and file your federal return without your state – but not the other way around. The TurboTax State program is designed to pull (transfer) information from your federal return. For this reason, TurboTax State is not sold as a standalone tax-preparation product.


If you already filed your federal return outside of TurboTax and just need to do your state, you can either:


  1. Contact your State Department of Revenue or visit their website to use their tax-filing service or to download and print out their tax forms; or
  2. Re-create your federal return in the TurboTax software or TurboTax Online but don't file it. Then prepare and file your state return using TurboTax.
    • You'll need to paper-file your state return, as state returns cannot be e-filed separately.

The first option is free; the second option requires payment for both federal and state returns, even though you won't be filing your federal.


Hope this helps!

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