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Married Filing Jointly vs Married Filing Seperatly

OK, hopefully this isn't too confusing (I have a habit of over complicating.)


I am trying to best option for my wife and myself as far as our taxes (paying a little as needed of course.)  We have the last couple years filed as married Filing Jointly.  My wife has student loan debit of about 70k and we are currently looking at houses to purchase.  We also have a 2 year old daughter. 
Currently on our W4's I claim our daughter (I make about 42K a year) and I have 5k taken out pretax in the Dependent  Care FSA/HSA for daycare (which is about 8k a year in our area)  My wife makes about 65k a year so we are going to switch the Dependent Care, Pretax money to her to lower her AGI.  This will help I THINK with the "Public Service Loan Forgiveness" if we file as Married Filing Separately because then are we not taxed pretty much totally separately making her AGI much lower?


I know that with the online TurboTax you can not compare them, but if I were to purchase the CD/Download version, can I have the 3 tax returns to see if it would benefit us tax wise to file separately?  I mostly want to verify that I can do all 3 without having to purchase it 3x.




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Married Filing Jointly vs Married Filing Seperatly

Yes, you can do all 3 returns with one desktop purchase, choose whichever you want to file.  You will also only have to purchase and download the state program one time.As you seem to know, you need to do the 3 returns separately, and you should find the desktop software much easier to use.