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HSA reimbursement

I have an HSA medical plan at work and have an HSA account with my local credit union so I don't contribute to the HSA account through my work.


I contributed to the HSA in December and then reimbursed myself for qualified medical expenses.


I didn't get a 1099SA and don't have anything to record the HSA contribution but have kept receipts for qualified medical expenses.


How do I enter the contribution to the HSA on TurboTax without the 1099SA?

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HSA reimbursement

You can enter your contribution the say way if you did have a 1099SA.  Follow the steps in this TurboTax link to enter your HSA contribution:


HSA custodians are required to furnish tax documents.  Check your online account and confirm one isn't available for you.  Also, it is very common for HSA custodians to provide tax documents later in the tax season.  In the meantime, use your HSA account statements to total your contributions and distributions.