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I filed my taxes on 1/16 & they were accepted by the IRS on 1/16. I kept checking my refund status and it had no info. It now shows it is approved and my refund should be in my bank on January 28th. I just thought I'd share this with all of you since... read more
Do1 ‎01-24-2019
I'm running Turbotax 2018 Deluxe 2018.31.13.231 on Windows 10. The app crashes sometimes when I advance topics filling in forms and sometimes when I save the file. It has done this 5 times in about 30 minutes today. A few days ago when I first used i... read more
ByronS ‎01-20-2019
id like to start a thread that will give people an estimate or sorts as to when they will receive there refund. iv seen people saying they have already received there 2018 refund. some said they filed around 1/14/2019 and received around the 28th of ... read more
Saiurie ‎01-31-2019
When tax reform passed during 2018, I didn't realize I had to increase my withholding for 2018 to pay more tax which I'm now doing for 2019. However, my 2018 tax went up enough for me to deal with underpayment penalty. Until 2017, it seems like if yo... read more
beethoven100 ‎02-16-2019
I want this to be only for people with EITC/ACTC...Post here your current status on WMR, and any transcript updates, or ddd. Also put how you filed,and the date your return was accepted.So many discussions on here have a mix of pathers and non-pather... read more
mike48160 ‎02-09-2019
Okay Team... I need to trim $50 from my weekly budget (which would mean $200/month, or $2400/year... yay math!). What's a great frugal life hack you've stumbled upon in trying to save money? I don't eat out a ton... I don't buy Starbucks... etc. So I... read more
JBJ ‎01-25-2019
I am a long-time user of TurboTaX. There have been minot issues in the past, but this year the software seems to be junk. I have to give a wrong answer to my spouse's healthcare coverage as a workaround to a bug in the software. That is scary to me. ... read more
Avenger ‎02-02-2019
(Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional this information comes from a number of different sources on the internet and my own personal experience. Your tax return experience should not be considered to mirror the experience of others.) Make sure you ... read more
Rrp19875 ‎02-17-2019
Well this tax year is super fun! Filed 1/12, accepted 1/14. WMR has been showing the same thing with my husbands SS#: Cannot provide info, tax topic 152 if you have questions call and have this page ready.. yada yada yada but under my SS# it has had ... read more
mommabear234 ‎02-08-2019
I just got married and purchased a house with my husband. Under my credit it is showing the entire mortage listed for me, is that normal?
tsalcido ‎01-28-2019
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