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Wrong amount to be deposited

So I was supposed to get say $2000 for my tax return and I completed the e-file. Then after 21 days I checked the tax refund PDF to see if I put the correct routing and account number and it was correct, but the amount to be deposited was only $300. So does that mean they’re going to mail the remaining $1700 to me or is it just gone?
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Employee TurboTax Specialist

Wrong amount to be deposited

Hopefully, it's not gone.  There could be several reasons why your refund was less.  And you should receive a letter from the IRS with additional information about your tax return refund.  The most common reasons for a reduced refund:


  • Refund offset, which means your refund was applied to past due debt
  • The IRS made a change to your tax return

You can call the IRS directly and ask for an explanation:  1-800-829-1040.


Click the TurboTax FAQ link below to read more about why your refund was less than expected.