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About the TurboTax AnswerXchange

Get personalized, unbiased answers to your tax, health care and financial questions.

Thousands of health care experts, tax and finance pros, and people with real life experience are on the AnswerXchange every day and are ready to help you feel confident:

  • Filing your own taxes
  • Managing your finances
  • Understanding how the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act affects you
  • Making choices about health insurance

Browse answers from pros and your peers, or post your unique question and our community will help you with straightforward advice or step-by-step instructions.  The community typically answers a question in less than 30 minutes.


Originally launched in 2010 as the TurboTax Live Community, the AnswerXchange has blossomed to include over 700,000 questions about taxes and health care.  In 2012, the AnswerXchange helped over 15 million Americans get personalized answers to their questions, making it the largest tax and health care community on the web.


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