Turbo debit card old/new
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Turbo debit card old/new

I currently still have a decent amount of money from the stimulus on my turbo debit card I received last year for taxes. When I  go to file and select refund advance on to a new turbo debit card(it won't allow using the old one,must get new), will the old card be deactivated,and if so will my money be transferred automatically to new card? Or will old card stay activated,having two active separate accounts,with my money still on it? What happens to old card and my money on there?

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Turbo debit card old/new

There is no reason why Green Dot Bank would deactivate the Turbo card that you still have money on.  However you can discuss that with the bank by contacting them. 


Here is Green Dot Bank phone number:


1 (866) 795-7597

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