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Michael and Cathy Maloney have been working together as a dynamic duo, running businesses since they got married a number of years ago. They’ve raised 3 kids who are able to take care of themselves, and that leaves them with a lot of time to be ambitious, focus on themselves and build their franchise with Supercheap Storage! With the experience that they had running a hardware warehouse, they definitely got off to a great start with this new business. They were previously in a retail franchise for over 30 years but their Mitre 10 business, in its last day, had leasing issues. So when a big company came knocking at their door looking for an acquisition, they took it as a sign that they were supposed to stop and look for something else. Michael and Cathy were working 7 day weeks with very little rest, and a change would better suit themselves as they grew older and it would also give them a better pace of life. That’s when they found the Supercheap Storage chain. Their Supercheap Storage outlet lies in Molendinar in the vicinity of the Gold Coast beaches of Queensland and it has the right people and the equipment to make it easier for all their customers to shift, pack, organize and plan a big undertaking like long term storage. Supercheap Storage is not only about cheap storage, but it’s about GOOD storage. And that means offering a variety of quality add-on services that you can select from and tailor into your own personalised storage experience. Our additional services combine all the bells and whistles that you might pay and arm and leg for with other storage or transport companies - that means that we include moving and transportation in our plans for you as part of the whole self storage experience with us! Being able to internalise these processes means that we are able to gauge delivery times and handle costs of labour and manpower which typically are expensive in Australia. When we save money, you save money, so you can count on getting only great prices when you need more help from Supercheap Storage! We also have extra hands available to carry your items and pack them safely into double reinforced boxes for you while you supervise their efforts. If you want to keep costs even lower, you can do away with the add-ons and pay for only exactly what you need.
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