Y my forms are incomplete?
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Y my forms are incomplete?

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Y my forms are incomplete?

If you are talking about your state forms, your state return(s) will show a status of incomplete if you filed your federal return by itself (or with another state). See this TurboTax support FAQ for state forms availability.

When your federal return has been accepted you can e-file your state IF all the state forms have been finalized. E-filing a state by itself is only allowed once a federal return is accepted/rejected. 

To access your state returns, after filing your federal return please follow these steps: 

  1. On the Overview page, click on My TurboTax > My Tax Timeline.  [See Screenshot #1, below.]
  2. Click on Continue my [state] return.  [Screenshot #2]
  3. If you have not completed your state return, click on the State Taxes tab.  If you have completed your state return, click on the Review tab and go through the prompts to file your state return.  [Screenshot #3]

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