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I file my taxes through turbox taxe and next day i got email say my refund got accepted it say on my home page of the app. But when i go into irs website see where at their saying i'm not in system . i cant call customer sever beacuse turbox taxes doesn't have one please help . 

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Be sure you have waited at least 24 hours after learning your efiled return was "accepted" before using the IRS WMR tool.


You mention getting an email, and you said you have already confirmed at the Tax Home page of your app that your efiled return was accepted.   So it was indeed accepted, here's some tips on using the IRS WMR tool:


When using the IRS WMR tool, be sure the SSN and filing status you enter are correct.


Use only the Federal refund amount.  Do not use any combined total refund figure that includes the state refund.

Look at your actual 2019 return to get the Federal refund amount.  Be sure you are using what is displayed on your Federal Form 1040, Line 21a for the Federal refund amount.

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Thanks again but i gotten my taxes but i'm still missing a couple hundred dollars what should i do ? 

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@Elenagardner95 wrote:

Thanks again but i gotten my taxes but i'm still missing a couple hundred dollars what should i do ? 

You didn't say if it was a Federal or state refund that you received that was "short."  If you are due both refunds, which one did you get?    They come separately, so do not go by any "total" refund amount that adds both.


Compare the amount with your actual return.   For a Federal refund, the amount is on your Federal Form 1040, Line 21a.


 If you used a paid edition and chose to pay TurboTax fees out of the Federal refund (which also has a service fee), that might explain a difference, but underneath your original question it says you are using "Free Edition."   So if that's correct, then that wouldn't explain it.


If the IRS reduced a Federal refund, they should send you a letter in about 3 weeks explaining why.    You can phone them, if you wish, to see if they can tell you any information.


Here's how to reach a live agent at the IRS:

800-829-1040 (7AM-7 PM local time) Monday-Friday


When calling the IRS do not choose the first choice re: "Refund", or it will send you to an automated phone line.

  • First choose your language.  Then listen to each menu before making the selection.
  • Then press 2 for "personal income tax".
  • Then press 1 for "form, tax history, or payment".  
  • Then press 3 "for all other questions."
  • Then press 2 "for all other questions." 
  • It may then ask for your SSN, but do not enter it.  Just wait.    If it asks for SSN a second time, still do not enter it.
  • Then you'll get another menu.  Choose 2 for "personal" then you should be transferred, but there may be a long wait.

I usually use a speakerphone so I can work on something else while waiting.

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