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Should i sell my house first, or marry now?

So my fiance and I (im 32 and shes 34 with a 14 year old) are planning on getting married and moving our lives together. I live in south Michigan and she in northern Indiana. The first step we have decided would be for me to fix up my house to sell and move in with her til her son finishes HS then we will sell hers and upgrade.

This is the issue. Her son wants to join football this year but her insurance is poop (so she wont let him) and mine is really good(adding them adds 0 cost to my deductible and co pays, literally no cost to add them). So I suggested we do a courthouse marrige now and sell my house next spring/summer as planned to get them under my insurance before open enrollment next November. Its not just about football, she payed $1500 for dental work this summer and she was bummed and all I could think was if we were married it would be covered 90%. However, she concerned about tax and legal issues (owning homes in two seperate states and each of us living in one). Would it be worth it to marry now or wait til next fall after (hopefully) my house sells and stick to the schedule as planned

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Should i sell my house first, or marry now?

Kind of a very personal decision......your taxes aren't going to change much either way.