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using another computer

I did my returns on my home computer. I do not have a printer. Intuit will not let me access my returns from another computer to print. WTF? And when I went back home  and emailed my return to myself it will not open from another computer. Only mine. I understand the security, but what hell am I going to do? It is last years and cannot be e-filed!

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Level 12

using another computer

If you are using the desktop (cd/download) version of the software, which if you are preparing a prior year return, you will be using, then it is installed locally on your computer only.  This is unlike the online version that you can access anywhere.  When you moved the file via email, I suspect you probably saved the .tax file and tried to send that.  This won't work because it needs the program to be installed on the computer you are using to open the file.


So, you have two options -


(1)  If you still have the cd or access to the download, then you could install the program on the other computer.  It will then read the .tax file and open it.


(2)  You can save your return as a pdf and then print it.


To save as a pdf, the exact steps here are going to depend on your computer and its settings, so you may have to dig around a bit - but here is a general idea what you are looking for -

  • Go to File - Print option
  • Change the options from printing for your records and switch it to Print Returns for Filing
  • Watch for a dialogue box to open up that allows you to preview your print.  ON this box, there should be an option to save to a pdf
  • Save the file to a pdf and you can now use that pdf on another computer to print (though I would suggest using a USB and not emailing your tax return information for security reasons)