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Reporting Miscellaneous Income without a 1099-MISC



I received $250 for participating in a psychological study at a college but did not receive a 1099-MISC. Do I have to report this income on my tax return? And how do I report it using TurboTax? I tried entering this miscellaneous income in my Turbotax return, but because I don't have a 1099-MISC, it kicked me out of the screen for miscellaneous income. I'm confused about how to report this extra income. 


Thank you for the help!

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Level 6

Reporting Miscellaneous Income without a 1099-MISC

Since this is not a business, and there is no 1099, I would put the $250 into Line 21 of Schedule 1.  Do this by going to personal income/less common income/miscellaneous income/other reportable income. Click that you had taxable income.  You should get to a page with 2 entries to enter data. For the "Description" enter something like School Psych Study.  Then enter the amount.  Check Line 21 of Schedule 1 to be sure the value went to the desired location in the return.