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Could not get a download of TurboTax, after purchasing the CD

I purchased a CD (Premier) but do not have a CD Drive. Google told me to call TurboTax and they would provide a download. That failed!  My first call, I was placed on hold 5 minutes (after the 45 min call back wait) only for the rep (Tina-She was very nice) to come back and tell me her system was not working and she wants to transfer me to her second level for help. Well, I went into a voice mail saying the department was close, please call back later and then I was disconnected.


Second call,

I wait again for the call back trying to understand this process of getting the SW I purchased. I tell the guy the trouble I had on the first call and he begins to make things worst and become combative.


I have used Turbo Tax for years and this is the first year I feel complete lack of understanding and support

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Could not get a download of TurboTax, after purchasing the CD

Hello! I'm so sorry you had trouble with phone support. I'm looking at the notes on your account and it looks like you received a download (likely after you posted here). Let me know if there is anything further we can assist you with!