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just move to US. Basic tax question



I just moved to US and have two basic questions to enquiry. 


1. I know US tax is super complicated. I just come to US to work. Can I simply think if I have some tax resbonsibility, I will receive all the tax forms at the tax season by mails. I think all the tax forms will be called 1099 forms and w2, right? After that, I just fill in them at the turbotax? 


2.One day, if I close my US bank account, do I need to report it to the IRS? I assume no. 



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just move to US. Basic tax question

Yes, you will receive all tax forms and you report them in TurboTax. You don’t need to notify anyone or the IRS when you close your back account. 

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just move to US. Basic tax question

Are you a U.S. citizen, a resident alien, or a nonresident alien? If you are a nonresident alien you cannot use TurboTax to file your U.S. tax return. You have to file Form 1040-NR, which TurboTax does not support.

Being a resident alien or a nonresident alien is not simply a matter of where you live. If you just arrived in the U.S. recently and you do not have a green card, you are almost certainly a nonresident alien, even if you are living in the United States. For details see Chapter 1 of IRS Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens. You will probably find other parts of the publication helpful as well. It will confirm your impression that U.S. tax is complicated. Publication 519 is available in a few other languages besides English: Spanish, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

You might get other forms besides 1099 and W-2. There might be other things you have to enter in your tax return that you do not get a form for.

There is no plain Form 1099. There are about 20 different kinds of 1099 forms. All 1099 forms have one or more letters after the 1099, such as 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-B, 1099-NEC, 1099-R, and 1099-G.


just move to US. Basic tax question

Hi Rjs


Thanks for your quick reply. I am sorry I didnt mention it clearly. I am talking about the tax for the next year. I moved here full time to work. Based on 183 days rule, I will be the resident for the next year. Because I just come here, I think I will be very simple. Only do the full time job and open a few bank accounts. Can I assume that I will only receive w2 and 1099 type tax forms and just report them?


In the future, I may leave US and go back to my country. When I close my US bank account, I assume I do not need to report it to IRS, right?

just move to US. Basic tax question

gotcha, many thanks

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