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I filed my 2018 taxes, but I did not get the 1040ES payments for 2019. How can I calculate the 1040 ES payments for 2019?

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I filed my 2018 taxes, but I did not get the 1040ES payments for 2019. How can I calculate the 1040 ES payments for 2019?

You can get back into your return to print 2019 estimated taxes after filing (after your tax return has been accepted by the IRS) but you will want to be careful not to change anything besides the estimated tax section.  Here is how -
  1. Log into your account (make sure correct username)
  2. On your Tax Homepage, scroll down to the section entitled “Your Tax Returns and Documents"
  3. Click "Add a State” below where your tax returns are showing (this will allow you back into your return without actually adding a state)
  4. This should bring you back into your return and you will land on the homepage welcome screen
  5. If you don’t have to make any adjustments and you just need to print the forms, then go to Tax Tools and click on Print Center - Follow the prompts to download a new pdf and you can select the 1040 ES forms for printing.
  6. If you do need to make adjustments, then click Federal taxes > Other Tax Situations > Other Tax Forms > Form W4 and Estimated Taxes (or use the search feature and search for "W4" and click the jump to link).
  7. Follow the prompts and you will be asked a series of questions.  The program will base the estimated payments off this years return, but if you anticipate having more or less income next year or if there will be other life changes (i.e you won't be able to claim a dependent anymore), then you can make those adjustments.  Pay close attention to all the screens in this section because if you leave out an item, i.e. other taxes you have withheld from any W2 jobs you will have in 2019, it can make a big difference on your estimated tax payments
  8. Also, make sure you mark that you want the estimated tax forms to print with your return - there will be a question that asks you this 
  9. After your adjustments, go to Tax Tools and then Print Center to print fresh return that will include the new 2019 Form 1040ES forms. 

After this, you will have four quarterly vouchers that you can use to submit estimated tax payments.  Also, these vouchers are for your convenience, you can make the payments directly online (make sure you indicate they are for 2019 ES payments) and you can adjust the amount of the payment (higher or lower) during the year depending on anticipated income. 

You can also get these vouchers directly from the IRS and make the payments if you ever lose the vouchers TurboTax prints up or you decide to change the amount.  (payment vouchers are on pages 9-11)

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