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My wife and I work for different companies.  She had been covered under my company's HDHP until April 1 of this year when I retired, at which time she went on her company's HDHP.  I'm still covered under my company's plan.  TurboTax thinks there was a break in her coverage and wants me to select why her coverage ended in 2020.  I need to select either "disability" or "other".  Is there someplace I can specify her actual coverage so it doesn't think she wasn't covered?

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Your issue is with the question that asks "What type of High Deductible Health Plan did [name] have on December 1, 2019?"


Unfortunately, the question does not clarify that it is only for a small group of taxpayers and that all other taxpayers should answer "NONE".


NOTE: each spouse can have an HSA. The use of "you" below refers to whichever spouse's name was in the question above.


This question is trying to determine if you utilized the "last-month" rule in 2019 (yes, 2019). The last-month rule lets you use the full annual HSA contribution limit if you had HDHP coverage on December 1, even if you were not covered by an HDHP for all of the year.


However, the catch is that if you used the last-month rule, the IRS requires that you stay under HDHP coverage for all of the following year (2020).


***NOTE*** This question occurs on the taxpayer who does not have an HSA, so never had a chance to tell TurboTax in the HSA interview what their HDHP coverage was for 2020.


So, the fix is this: go back to the question (at the end of the HSA interview), and:


  • If you had HDHP coverage for all of 2019 , then enter NONE 
  • If you had no HDHP coverage for all of 2019, then enter NONE.
  • If you did not have an HSA in 2019, then enter NONE.
  • If you had an HSA in 2019 but did not contribute to it in 2019, then enter NONE.


Only taxpayers who had their own HSA in 2019 AND who contributed to their own HSA in 2019 should answer “Family” or “Self” or “None” (which can be the right answer in some cases).

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Thanks for the reply.  This did resolve my issue.

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