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Does Turbotax still waive cost for low income families?

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Does Turbotax still waive cost for low income families?

Yes.  There are two options.

TurboTax Free Edition is free for Federal and State filings.  But, it is only for more simple returns (forms 1040EZ/1040A) that don't require things like itemized deductions, investment income, rental property, or business income (including 1099MISC income and self employment income).  You can find more information about this version at the link below -

TurboTax Freedom edition is the version you may be referring to in your question.  It is another service that TurboTax partners with the IRS to provide free filing to low income taxpayers (under $33,000).  Review the information from the article below -

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Does Turbotax still waive cost for low income families?

And to keep confusing people, this year (2020) it is now called Free File.    To access Free FIle, you must go to     It is completely, really free with no chance for any extra charges for people with income UNDER $36,000.


Turbo Tax legally must provide this service or else the IRS will provide it themselves, thereby competing with Turbo Tax.   


It is NOT a service provided by the IRS.   It is simply another level of service provide by Turbo Tax REQUIRED by the IRS.


Turbo Tax assigns it to a separate website so people won't find it and instead use FREE EDITION as found on their main web page.   But it is not free and will end up charging customers by the end.


A major lawsuit is underway in a federal court in California over this very issue.

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