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New Member

Crypto NJ State Capital Gains Tax?

Hello, so I'm using Koinly and have finished my 2021 crypto tax report, I'm filing late. I am using Turbo tax premium CD 2021, come to find out through koinly tutorial, I've learned I have to used Turbo tax online 2021. Problem is the site only offers turbo tax online 2022 now. It there a difference in taxation between CD vs Online. There's no distinguishing between other types of capital gains vs crypto capital gains. I can't find any crypto tax laws for the state of NJ. One article I read said crypto was intangible and not taxed.  I'm not sure if I need to pay State taxes or if any laws have addressed this yet. It's very unclear but the state tax applied to my return seems to be a very large portion. Any answers Is very appreciated.

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Crypto NJ State Capital Gains Tax?

TurboTax Online is no longer accessible for tax year 2021.

If you have a crypto report with your transaction details and it is in the same manner and format as Form 8949 you can attach it to your mailed-in tax return.


See Schedule NJ-DOP which requires details of all property both tangible and intangible.


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