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Can my girl friend claim me on her taxes

Can my gf claim me on her taxes. I'm 31 and on ssdi. I made almost 10k this year. She has bought me clothes, food and helped with rent, electric and other things as well. I ask as my grandmother was able to claim my mom who makes more then me, but my grandmother owns a house and my mother pays rent, so I dont know

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Can my girl friend claim me on her taxes

If she passes these four “tests” then she may be eligible to be claimed as a dependent.

  • Is not a “qualifying child” of a taxpayer. The IRS has specific qualifying child rules based on relationship, age, residency, and joint return
  • Earned less than $4,150 in taxable income (amount of the personal exemption) in 2018
  • Did not provide their own support. You must provide more than half of the total support for the year
  • Lived with you all year as a member of your household (keep in mind: dependent relatives do not have to live with you)


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