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Alabama return rejection Reject Code AL40-050

The rejection details say...


Description of error:
The Alabama Department of Revenue rejected your return with the following message: "Total Alabama Wages, Form 40 Pg. 1, line 5, must equal the total amount of all State Wages (including Wages Earned Out of State) as reported in Box 16 of the NEW ELF 2010 (4) STATE WAGE AND LOCALITY Federal 1040 W-2 (State Wages 1, State Wages 2, State Wages 3 and State Wages 4). Note: plus/minus +/- $3.00 variance allowance has been added to TotalWagesSalariesTips to allow for rounding errors."
What needs to be done:
Review your entries for the W-2s associated with this return. Confirm that you have correctly entered the state wages from Box 15, Box 16, and Box 17. If you see errors, make the necessary corrections and resubmit this return. If you believe the return is correct as originally submitted, or if you resubmit this return and the reject persists, you may want to file by mail (print and mail this return to the proper taxing agency).
My issue is that first off although it's been rejected there is no way to "fix" anything. It just says "You've visited all the reject errors on your Alabama return." which is just me looking at the details of the rejection. But then it wants to take me to refile. Nothing I can do to change.
For context. Moved to Alabama in February so only part of my income should be listed for Alabama but it's all on the form just not calculated on the taxable line for Alabama.  TurboTax calculated everything based on which state the W2 was from. There are 2 for AL and 1 for FL. 
So my questions are:
1. How do I fix it when there is no option to do this?
2. There's no income line 16 on the Federal 1040. That's a "tax" line on the federal form. So is that an error and they actually mean line 16 on the AL form 40 because that is an income line.
I have a feeling the issue is that I chose  "full-year resident" since that is what I am but I guess the year I moved I would be considered a "Part-year resident" but again, there is no way to fix my taxes. It only has the option to refile without changing anything.
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Alabama return rejection Reject Code AL40-050

Reject code AL40-050 indicates a math error on the Alabama return.  This is typically caused by having a W-2 from another state included with your return, possibly a state that does not have a state income tax.


If one of the W-2s was issued from a state that does not have any state income tax and there was no state information included on that W-2, it is the one causing the mismatch with the Alabama return.  Try entering the box 1 amount on that W-2 in box 16.  This should clear the math error on the Alabama return.


You should be able to navigate away from the refile option and go back to the Federal return to update your W-2 information as described.  Then go back through the AL return and refile it.

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