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My 1099-B form can not be imported.  The brokerage house it is in is not available on Turbo Tax.

Can I mail to the IRS a copy of the 1099-B form that was sent to me, and if so, what do I do about Form 8949 and/or Schedule D?  Do I have to prepare those myself?  Do I need both forms?


(I already tried to manually type in my 1099-B using the sales section totals, but it is rather lengthy and complex, with a few wash sales and it did not go well).


Thank you in advance for your help!

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IRS requires details of your SELL transactions to be supplied on some Form 8949,
or on your other forms (e.g. consolidated 1099-B or spreadsheet) which have the same information and in the same manner as Form 8949.

Either way, if you choose to summarize only, you have to mail the transaction details to the IRS within three business days of IRS accepting your e-Filed tax return.(unless you have attached a PDF of the transactions details to your e-Filed return. TurboTax Online will ask for it).
Detail Reporting Exception: if you summarize Category A or Category D, Form 8949 is not needed for transactions without adjustments. No mailing is necessary.


Thank you for your help. 

I'm guessing Wash sales are considered adjustments?  I only have a few.




If you have wash sales, it gets more complicated since those adjusted transactions have to be itemized on Form 8949 and the summary totals adjusted accordingly.

If you have only a few, enter the wash sales on Form 8949, then use the subtotal results on the bottom of that form (Line 2) to know how much to subtract which gives you the Schedule D line 1a totals. Be sure to NOT check the adjustments box in the summary window.


The subtotals combined should agree with the grand totals on your 1099-B.


Just writing to clarify, I feel like I'm getting mixed answers between the IRS  forms and TurboTax or maybe my understanding is improving.


In TT Premier, for my 1099-B info,  I am entering summary data only (not imported) and have some wash sales with adjustments.  Based on this the advice is I need to also paper file those statements within 3 days of IRS filing acceptance.


Am I correct in understanding I must then either somehow attach a pdf copy of my bank statement to my efile submission?  (have not done this in the past),   and must I also send same said statements (sales) via an IRS 8453?

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If you are entering Summary Totals, you'll have 3 lines; Short Term Sales, Long Term Sales, Wash Sales.  The Wash Sales don't affect Gain/Loss but keep track of Loss Disallowed for final sale reporting.


You will need to mail in Form 8453 (cover sheet) with a copy of your 1099-B pages for covered transactions with adjustments (Wash Sales).  


If you have two pages (for example) of Wash Sales, use Adobe Reader to print those two pages. That's all you have to mail to the IRS, given that those wash sales are not on your e-Filed form 8949 already.
(you might enter them manually if they are few in number.)


Here's how to mail your statements:


If you are e-filing your tax return, then mail your statement along with Form 8453, U.S. Individual Income Tax Transmittal for an IRS e-file Return to:


Internal Revenue Service

Attn: Shipping and Receiving, 0254

Receipt and Control Branch

Austin, TX 73344-0254 


Here's more discussion on Reporting Summary Transactions and Form 8453. 











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