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Multiple Home Offices over the year - Federal and California State tax errors


This is for 2018 taxes that i am submitting now.

I have had 3 Home Offices over 2018 as I moved across to three homes over the year for personal reasons ( 4 months rental, 3 Months another rental and last 5 months in my home that i purchased ). As I create three Home office lines, I get errors when I review the taxes mostly around the below areas

Home Office worksheet Line 16a and 16b not adding up across the line items. The same issues persist in California taxes as well.

I deleted all my Home office items in Federal and go no federal errors but the State taxes still has the data and the errors linger.


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Multiple Home Offices over the year - Federal and California State tax errors

The important thing here is this: *PAY* *ATTENTION* *TO* *DATES*.

Thankfully, you're using the CD version of TurboTax, and I know that since you're working on 2018 taxes.

Enter each home office one at a time. Since each home office is located in what was your primary residence at the time, dates are very, very *VERY* important. That flat out:

 - Can not overlap

 - Can not be for dates the property was "NOT" your primary residence.

 Assuming you started 2018 with a home office in a primary residence you were renting and did not own, make sure you specify that you do *NOT* own the home. Then you will have the opportunity to claim a percentage of your rent payment as a business expense.

- you *MUST* show the closure of the first home office *BEFORE* you can "open" the 2nd home office.

- Your closure date of the first home office "MUST" be your move out date or a day before your move out date.

 - Your open date of the 2nd home office:

 - Must be at least one day "AFTER" the close date of the first home office.

 - Must be at least the move in date to the 2nd home or after.