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Wrong Form

I filled out the wrong tax form for Kentucky and didn't get a refund . When I ask about my refund yesterday they told me I sent the wrong form and I need to fill out form 740NPR and send them a copy of my Indiana form in order to get my refund can you help me

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Wrong Form

completing the form should be easy.

here's the link to download the form in case your version of TT doesn't have it


A) were you a nonresident of Ky for the whole year yes or no.  since the form is only for nonresidents the answer would seem to be yes

B) my only Ky income was from wages earned while a resident of  any of 7 states - again the answer would seem to be yes.   

check which states 

C) if a virginia resident answer this question

line 1 - enter KY withholding per W-2

lines 2-11 are voluntary and will reduce your refund. they can be left blank

line 12  - line 1 less sum of line 2 - 11


follow instructions at bottom of form.  if the Ky letter says send to a different address, use the one in the letter



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Wrong Form

IN has a reciprocal agreement, on wages, with KY. No KY state taxes are withheld or due and you do not need to file a KY return. But  IN will tax you on your KY income.

If KY taxes are mistakenly withheld, you have to file a KY return to get a refund. You should ask your employer to stop withholding so you don't have to file an KY return every year. KY has a specific form (740 NP-R ) for a reciprocal state refund. Rather than paying TurboTax for KY software, you should try filing that form by hand. It looks pretty  simple.  https://revenue.ky.gov/Forms/Form%20740-NP-R%202018.pdf


However the reciprocity agreement does not apply to local city & county taxes. You are not required to file a local city/county return, but you are also not entitled to a refund of the  withholding (box19 on your W-2), unless there was an error in the amount.  Some (but not all) IN counties (but not the state)  allow a credit, or partial credit for tax paid to a KY city/county. That will come up in the IN state interview. 




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