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state tax incorrectly withheld

My husband's company did not make the state residence change until after the 1st quarter of 2019. So now I need to correctly show that all income was made in GA and zero income for SC. What forms do I use for both GA and SC to show this?  

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Employee Tax Expert

state tax incorrectly withheld

If I understand you correctly, you moved from SC to GA in 2018, but the company kept withholding SC taxes until early 2019? Is that right?


The following discussion is based on these assumptions. Please come back and tell me different if I assumed wrong.


If so, you will file a nonresident SC return and a resident GA return. Please do them in this order.


You will have to file the SC return because his employer has already sent the withheld taxes to SC and the only way for you to get them back is to file a SC return showing that you don't owe any SC tax. 


In the SC interview in TurboTax, you will indicate that you are a nonresident, and continue, eventually you will see a screen with the heading "South Carolina Part-Year and Nonresidents". On this screen - and on any subsequent screens with similar questions - enter 0 for all your income items.


By the time you are finished, you should be showing zero SC income, so all of the SC withholding will be returned to you.

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state tax incorrectly withheld

Thank you for the answer. You did understand my question correctly.  Sorry, I was trying to be too short and simple with my question.  

If the W-2 shows income for SC, I assumed there is somewhere that I need to explain why my husband's company (and therefore, the W-2) was incorrect. 

I already started the GA tax form. So I will delete that and do the SC first.

I certainly appreciate your help.

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state tax incorrectly withheld

From what I can tell, I cannot clear and start the state tax forms over.  I've been on Intuit help and I sure don't see how to do that.   All I see is "Remove state return" under File in the upper left corner.  I'm afraid I'll remove the whole program that I just purchased and not just the current file that I've been working on.  

Online help says if you haven't submitted payment, deduct TT fee or registered you can remove the current form. I'm not sure what it means by register.  I received one free state and purchased one state.  Is purchasing and beginning to use what they mean by register?

Appreciate any help you can give on this.

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