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How do I calculate working days outside of New York?

We moved from NY to IL last year in June.  my husband's employer is based in IL.  We have 2 W-2 that clearly show how much was earned before and how much after our move.  But I am getting really confused trying to answer the questions to calculate the number of NY working days.  During our NY residency period, he was working physically in the IL office about 2 weeks per month and then another week per month traveling to other markets.  so, the number of days he was actually in NY working from a "home office" was roughly 30 days.


If I calculate he worked 245 days total for the whole year, do I combine the days we LIVED in IL together with the days he flew from NY to work in the IL office AND the days he traveled to other cities so his "outside of New York"days is 215?

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Employee Tax Expert

How do I calculate working days outside of New York?

It depends.


New York taxes nonresidents and part-year residents on any income derived from New York sources.  Since your spouse was working from Illinois but for the New York based company, his income would still be considered to be from New York sources.


The number of days is used for determining credit amounts so just use your best estimate of the number of days worked outside of New York.  Be sure to retain support with your tax documents for how you arrived at the number of days if the taxing authorities request support.  

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