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Illinois State Tax Form

On one of the 2019 Illinois state tax forms I completed, page 1, Step 5: Net Income and Tax - Line 11 shows my income, Line 12 shows the percentage calculation, Line 14 shows Income Tax. The amount on Line 14 is identical to the Nonrefundable Credit shown on Lines16 & 18 (credit from property tax calculation). 

The individual has been billed for taxes on this amount which initially was $18.00 now with penalties totals $300.51. He thought it was a mistake because his printed Turbo Tax form did not produce an  " Amount You Owe" above "$0.00


Turbo tax did not show an amount on the Amount you Owe, line 39; It showed $0.00 for Amount you Owe.(see below)


Was there a glitch in the program that did not produce an accurate Amount You Owe on line 39?


On the last page of my 2019 Illinois state tax return,

Step 11: Refund, Line 35....overpayment:$0.00; Line 36....amount refunded:$0.00;

Step 12 Amount you Owe: Line 39-  $0.00


The same scenario occurred for his 2020 Illinois State Tax form because the same circumstances apply. 


Please, please please Advise? 



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Level 15

Illinois State Tax Form

we can't see the return but the taxpayer should have gotten a letter of explanation with the initial and subsequent bill.  if you have a POA you can call the Illinois Department of Revenue to get an explanation otherwise only the taxpayer can call.  If you are a paid preparer you have violated Turbotax's terms of service. yours appears to be the only thread about this "issue". therefore it is highly probable there was an error or omission in preparing the return, not a computational error. 


the PTC requires the County and PIN number perhaps one or both are incorrect. did you submit Schedule ICR?

in addition, only Illinois real estate property taxes can be used and only if not taken as a business/rental deduction on the federal return.  


Level 15

Illinois State Tax Form

I think you have a data entry error.  It seems MOST unlikely that the Illinois property tax credit - which is only 5% of the property tax paid - would wipe out the entire tax due on a taxpayer's income.  I would start by double-checking the entries on your Schedule ICR.

As @Mike9241  indicated, if there were a TT programming glitch, tens of thousands of Illinois TT users would have been affected, which didn't happen. 

**Answers are correct to the best of my ability but do not constitute tax or legal advice.

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