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amend 2018 state return

OK. I EFILED my 2018 state return asking for a $2000 refund. Unfortunately, my refund is only $500. when i go to amend, TurboTax doesn't allow me an entry for state income taxes paid so i cant amend the darn thing. what am I doing wrong?

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Level 20

amend 2018 state return

Ok ... here is the scoop.  If you used the ONLINE version and still have access to the return (it will shut off tomorrow) then you need to download the .taxfile NOW so you can continue the amendment process when it becomes available in about 6 weeks.  OR if you have it done now except for that one item you can print the return and manually make the change on the paper form (since you will need to mail it in anyway) if you cannot see how to change the return to the way the state changed it.   You were supposed to make the change before you started the amendment process.  You may also want to seek local professional assistance in this matter. 


2018 prior year agi.PNG