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stimulus package - direct deposit

TurboTax, we all know the basics of what we should be getting and how we are to get it. The problem is that you are leaving some customers in the dark. Providing only a generated message ( copy & paste ). From a business stand point you must be absolutely ok with your ratings going down, bad reviews and less revenue. It baffles me how your company can’t even just say something other than a pre-made script. You are referring us to the IRS and the IRS is referring us back to you. Then you state that the IRS has not provided any informations to your company regarding stimulus payment. If so, then why would they direct us back to our banking services ( turbo tax). We do have bills, children and lives to get on with instead of waiting for a deposit to hit. Just give us something other than a generated script. People actually paid for your services, stuff we probably aren’t even using. So just give us the respect we deserve. You may as well, as you can see by the comments your already gonna lose so much money and people are even threatening to take you to court. Cmon turbo get it together. 

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stimulus package - direct deposit

Exactly. This situation is already difficult enough for most of us without Turbo Tax dodging the questions being answered. 


I checked the Get My Payment link from the IRS and it says my direct deposit has been sent (today) to an account number THAT DOES NOT MATCH the account information linked to my Turbo Debit Card where I received my federal return. The account number the IRS has somehow includes the last 4 of my SSN. Obviously something is wrong and I feel Turbo Tax/Green Dot owes their customers a straight forward explanation. No more Copy & Paste "we don't know". 


Well the IRS seems to think you *should* know and we do too. 

Screenshot_[phone number removed]05~2.png


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stimulus package - direct deposit

Yep, never using turbo tax ever again.

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stimulus package - direct deposit

I would suggest to anyone that got their tax returns on this debt card that they check the irs tracking tool. I used the turbo card for my return this year but have not received the stimulus payment,  when I checked the teacking tool it said they did not have enough direct deposit information on me and had me enter in my account number.  I do direct deposit every year , this is the first year i used the turbo card. Not happy. 


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