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How dare you hold up my stimulus check.

I understand it was sent to Turbo Tax and I don't 

know why,

You have no right to receive and hold my money for any reason.

I always get a refund so there is no reason for this.

I have been a loyal customer for many years but if

I don't receive my money in the next 24 hours I will

no longer use Turbo Tax and I hope others do the same.

The first stimulus check was deposited to my account

and the second one should also be.

I am going through hard times and need the money now.

You have no right to do this and I want my money


I have also contacted Ruben Diaz, Bronx Borough President,

about this travesty.

Again I want and need my money now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Colasacco

[social security number removed]





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I agree with you 100%.   It just amazes me how we received the first stimulus with no problem and this round it went to the wrong account....(their account). TurboTax wont take responsibility for their part in this MESS. This is a Pandemic, Unemployment thru the roof racial tention I am completely and totally UPSET with this company. Since they screwed this up royally the 3rd stimulus will be the same. I will not be using their services again.  IRS...DON'T ANSWER AND GET MY PAYMENT TOOL DO NOT WORK WE ARE STUCK AND NOBODY CARES. Why do we have to claim stimulus on our taxes if we dont receive it before Jan 15. This TurboTax Fault and they Don't Care.we all need to stop using their services

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