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I am on disability and was wrongfully added as a dependent

I went ahead and used the non-filers tool to find out what was taking so long for my stimulus check. I have seen too many people with the same issue. Anyone on SSI, Disability, Railroad, etc. being told to do nothing and just wait. Well, a suggestion ion was made to use the non-filers tool and you will get a response for what's going on or when you will receive tour money. I received the message that I was claimed on someone's taxes. Excuse me? I looked up how someone could claim an adult dependent and I do not qualify, not even closely. So someone used my social, lied claimed they were taking care of me and benefitted from that lie. I cannot reach anyone in Fraud Protection to escalate this issue. I'm angry and  can do nothing about it. Any clues on who to speak to and rectify this mess?