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Community Chatter: What are your work from home hacks?

Everyone has seen a lot of change this year, and one of the most common changes is the way our work life has shifted in response to the global pandemic.   Many companies embraced the work from home model as a way of protecting their workers, and similarly, a lot of small businesses had to shift their models to allow them to continue their businesses in a socially responsible and safe manner.    But whether working from home is new to you or you are a seasoned pro, it can present unique challenges depending on a multitude of factors. 


We are sharing our tips for success below, as well as in our  QuickBooks Community and Intuit Accountants Community. Join the conversation! What tips do YOU have for working at home?




557928_10151640288146257_287607927_n.jpgKatie Harris, Community Manager


I have had remote work arrangements several times over the years, so I guess you can say that I was a WFH "pro" already. Adding virtual school into the mix introduced new challenges though, and it has been an adjustment for my family to juggle the needs of two work-from-home adults with two kids in online middle school.


My children are tech savvy, so they have been very independent thus far. We've found that it is most helpful for them to keep a regular schedule and have a dedicated place to attend class. Their spaces are fully stocked with all of the supplies they need, and our smart home devices remind them when each class is starting, so that they can be self-sufficient. 93888712_10157999357126257_1528507787527585792_o.jpgTip: Don't forget to charge school devices every night, so they are ready in the morning! Since my kids are older, they understand that mom and dad are unavailable while working, but this has enabled some really fun communication exchanges! My son likes to write his question on a paper airplane and fly it to my desk. 🤣


When it comes to work, it is also important to have a dedicated workspace, and comfort is key. My chair is fabulous! I also have a scented candle on my desk, which makes me happy. Work-life balance is especially difficult while working remotely, and it's easy to feel isolated. Taking breaks a couple times a day to decompress is crucial (getting outside for quick walks around the neighborhood helps). I also recommend disconnecting at the end of the work day, and making time to be social with friends outside of work, whether through social distancing, video chats, or phone calls.



Raph Pic.pngRaphael Matthews, Community Engagement Manager


Trying to juggle working from home with 2 girls, ages 15 & 11, going through the online virtual learning experience, along with my son, age 4, has been quite the experience, to say the least. With such a wide variety of activities and needs, the first month was complete chaos! It has taken an extreme amount of patience coupled with a lot of trial and error to get to a point in which we are all working together like a well oiled machine. 


One key thing that helped was getting everyone an individual whiteboard dry erase calendar that we placed in their rooms. Not only did this make it easier to map out the weeks events surrounding school work, zoom meetings, extra-curricular activities, etc., but this also makes the daily expectations visible to our kids. This was an absolute life saver!


Another tip that has worked well during this work from home period is ensuring that we have meal options that are easily made with little to no adult supervision. I don't know how many times my kids have asked me to make them lunch or a snack at the most inopportune time possible! This not only saves me time, but it also gives my kids a sense of accomplishment because they are creating their meal themselves!


unnamed.pngGabi Urias, Community Engagement Lead


I am naturally a busy body, so being at home this summer was challenging at first, but now I love my home better than ever! The reason is for my “office space”. After four different arrangements and putting my crafting supplies on display (which once was a shelf for pots and pans), I feel complete and ready to be creative.


 If you’re feeling stuck, try putting decorations in a new spot, or change out your shelves for a new feel. I hope this helps!




Now it's YOUR turn! What tips or tricks have you found that make your work from home life easier? 


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