"Other" debt?
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"Other" debt?

I received an e-mail today stating my "debt in collections" went up to $238, when I had no idea I had any debt beyond my student loans. When I followed the link in the e-mail from Turbo, it lists the debt as "Other" with no explanation or link as to where I actually owe the money. Is there any way I can figure out to whom I owe this, or if it's a fraudulent charge? First image is from the e-mail, the second is from the Turbo website


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"Other" debt?

Hey there!


I would just call one of the credit unions, like TransUnion or Experian, and they will be able to tell you to whom the debt is owed.


I had a late payment pop-up from nowhere on my credit report, and Experian was able to isolate which account it was showing up on even though the account had been closed for four years.  There was a simple clerical error I had to fix.


Speaking with the credit union was beneficial for me. I would just call and say you believe there may be a fraudulent expense or an error in reporting, and they will be able to point you in the right direction.


Have a great day!

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"Other" debt?



Order your annual credit report from Annual Credit Report.

This is free once a year. You will be able to identify the debt more accurately with a name and address of the company reporting it.


Good luck,


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